Stennis International Airport operations increase 32 percent

HANCOCK COUNTY -- Stennis International Airport reports its flight operations have increased by 32 percent over the past year.

Stennis recorded 29,010 takeoffs and landings in fiscal year 2015, up from 22,008 for 2014. The numbers were based on Federal Aviation Administration data.

"A number of factors resulted in the impressive showing but the two greatest have to be professionalism and customer service," said Bill Cotter, airport director, in a press release.

Of the 12,825 local operations, 8,563 were military and 4,262 were general aviation. Of the itinerant or nonlocal activities, 8,001 were military and 7,976 were general aviation.

"What started as support of Kessler Air Force Bases C-130Js and local Navy parachute operations has grown into a hub of military training," Cotter said. "The 8,500-foot runway and unobstructed approaches is making Stennis International Airport a destination of not only military aircraft, but business and general aviation as well."

Stennis International Airport is owned and operated by the Hancock County Port and Harbor Commission.