Developers asked to revise plans for proposed La Quinta Inn in Biloxi

Developers hoping to bring a La Quinta Inn to Biloxi have to revise their preliminary plans to gain city approval, the Biloxi Development Review Committee told them Wednesday.

A group represented by Pete Patel and Dammon Engineering is proposing a 78-room hotel for the corner of Hopkins Boulevard and Beach Boulevard.

The construction plans call for the removal of 13 trees, but only five trees can be moved from a site without a tree hearing.

Biloxi Arborist Eric Nolan said there are also three healthy oak trees on the site that cannot be removed.

"Part of the planning has to consider keeping these trees alive and healthy," he said. "Those are some of the healthiest oaks in the city."

The DCR also said hotel plans violate a buffer zone in order to create adequate parking for guests.

City guidelines ask for at least one parking space per room, and to fulfill that, the construction plans will push into a buffer zone between other properties.

The group will have to either cut down on the number of proposed rooms or alter the layout of the parking lots, DRC officials said.

Chuck Dammon with Dammon Engineering said they hope to be able to make changes without losing rooms.

Another hurdle the group faces is the density rules of the lot. Community Development Director Jerry Creel said city guidelines require a maximum of 30 units to be built per acre of land. Building 78 rooms would violate the number (54) for the 1.7 acre piece of property.

The group will receive official comments from the DRC on Friday, then begin to make revisions.