Popcorn or pizza? New Edgewater Mall theater will offer both along with adult drinks.

The Sears store is down at Edgewater Mall, making room for an eight-screen Premier Cinema that will have a pizza restaurant with a service bar, serving beer and possibly wine, said mall manager Terry Powell on Wednesday as he went before Biloxi’s Development Review Committee for the first look.

Plans for the movie theater with state-of-the-art digital and luxury reclining seats were announced in November, and Powell said the final design should be ready in about a week. He’s submitted foundation plans to get moving on construction and said, “I’ve got to get open by Nov. 18.”

The theater will be in a separate building just east of Edgewater Mall, Powell said. Along with waterfront views, there are plans for landscaping but not a covered walkway. Mall security also will extend to the theater, he said.

Premier Cinema, based in Texas, will operate the new theater. The company has nearly 300 screens in 26 locations across five states in the southeast and southwest United States.