Sun Herald print production moving to Jackson

To increase efficiency and save costs, the Sun Herald will be printed at the Clarion Ledger plant in Jackson beginning Jan. 15.

Production and printing of the newspaper will move, but all the other departments will remain at the office on DeBuys Road in Gulfport.

The paper will continue to be printed and distributed as it is now, and readers will have a newspaper in their hands seven days a week, said Sun Herald Publisher Shannon Wall.

Readers and advertisers should see an increase in print quality, she said, due to the better printing facility in Jackson. The Sun Herald has printed sections of the paper and special publications at the Jackson plant for some time.

The Sun Herald’s printing equipment is older. Rather than investing in new equipment, Wall said the Sun Herald will follow what other McClatchy newspapers and publications nationwide have done for years and outsource printing.

“While it was a difficult decision, it was an important decision,” she said. Sun Herald content has never been read by so many people in the history of the newspaper on its digital and print platforms, she said.

Due to the changes, the jobs of 16 full-time and part-time employees will be affected.

The 91,000-square-foot building and its property a block from the beach have drawn interest from real estate investors, Wall said. The printing press took up much of the space, and Wall said her ultimate goal is to move the staff into a smaller and more modern facility.

This is the latest in a series of changes since the newspaper began as The Weekly Herald in Biloxi in 1884. The name was changed to The Daily Herald in 1934, and it became and evening and Saturday newspaper, with a Sunday paper added later. South Mississippi Sun, a morning newspaper, was added in 1973 and the two newspapers merged in 1985 into the Sun Herald. The McClatchy Group purchased the newspaper in 2006 and the Sun Herald and its print and online readers became part of the McClatchy multimedia family.