Batteries Plus Bulbs has the power — and the light

A store selling just batteries and light bulbs would seem unlikely just a few years ago, but the new Batteries Plus Bulbs franchise in D’Iberville shows why it’s a bright idea.

“Your household has a minimum of 60 items that run on batteries,” said Carrie Lindgren, co-owner of the store at 3680 Sangani Blvd., just east of Lowe’s.

Like Bubba rattling off a long list shrimp dishes in the movie “Forrest Gump,” she circles the display shelves describing the varieties of batteries the store stocks.

“We have hearing-aid batteries,” she said, “batteries for heavy equipment and golf carts.” There are batteries for cordless tools, cordless vacuums, security alarms, fire alarms and underground pet-fence systems.

The store, which opened shortly before Christmas, also has batteries for wheelchairs, riding toys, motorcycles, lawnmowers, boats, ATVs and cars that are American-made, she said. Cellphone batteries come with a lifetime warranty, and the store has batteries for GPS units, laptop computers and other tech equipment.

Nearby big-box stores send their customers, she said, “because they sell the cameras but they don’t sell the extra batteries.”

Customers may be able to shop around and order batteries online for less, but she said they don’t know how long the battery has been sitting in the warehouse, and age is a problem for batteries. And they wouldn’t have the benefit of the knowledge of Lindgren and her staff.

“That’s where the service comes in,” she said.

Customers come in carrying a battery or bulb and say, “My husband sent me,” she said. They leave with the right part.

She was manager at the store in Flowood for four years, and when owner Chad Langley decided to open a store in D’Iberville she became his partner in the franchise.

She can tell customers why they should buy a battery charger that drains a battery completely before recharging it and why some flashlights can’t use rechargeable batteries.

She also knows her bulbs — party bulbs, under-cabinet bulbs, car, truck and trailer bulbs. The store has incandescent bulbs for vanity lights and LED tubing that can be wired directly or go inside an existing ballast.

Lindgren will sell a customer a yellow bug light, if that’s what they want, or give them a better option.

“LEDs put off more light and don’t attract bugs,” she said.

The store is open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Mondays through Saturdays and 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Sundays. The phone number is 228-273-0996.

Tips for better batteries and lighting

▪ Lithium batteries are better than alkaline batteries for powering electronic toys because they last longer and are designed to go into products that need more energy, such as a wireless keyboard or a video-game controller.

▪ Because up to 25 percent of home electricity bills go toward lighting, changing to LED bulbs will save about $138 over the life of the lighting fixture.

▪ In the kitchen, use brighter lights for food prep in areas and warmer lights for food display and entertaining around the kitchen table, where guests gather.

Batteries Plus Bulbs