Sound Off for October 2

You’re the other

There’s a difference between tax deductions and paying no taxes at all. Not paying any taxes and making donations with others’ money is using those other people. You are one of those others.

Not a done deal

To “Hail’s” new potential master, don’t count your chickens just yet.

Imagine no guns

Can you even begin to imagine what would happen to our country if law-abiding citizens are not allowed to carry guns? Yes, we have increased gun deaths but violent crime is down. And the NRA is all about educating the public about guns, just like my dad. I was 9 years old when he taught my brother and me about guns, replacing our natural curiosity with knowledge and caution, and handling firearms with respect. You will never see this grandma running for a baseball bat — I have my shotgun locked and loaded. I really do not believe the person who has a legal permit to carry a gun is the cause of the resurgence of gun deaths. How many of the deaths are caused by a permitted gun carrier or an NRA member?

Mow, mow, mow

OK, Harrison County, let’s get the mowers out and roll out the red carpet for our Cruisin’ The Coast. Mississippi 67 from Mississippi 15 to U.S. 49 is waist-deep in weeds. Pretty please?

Expert vs. expert

The argument over whether man-made climate change is happening isn’t between scientists and radio talk-show hosts. It’s between government-paid-for scientists and honest scientists. The media and most politicians fall in with the government types. Birds of a feather.

The real story

To “Don’t Understand,” the U.S. does not allow military personnel to be tried in foreign countries. The bill allowing citizens to sue other countries was vetoed because it might open the door for them to retaliate in that way. Incidentally, it was Iraq’s refusal to accept the immunity of our military that led to the troop withdrawal from that country.

Improve police pay

Our police officers put their lives on the line every day for not much more than minimum wage. Unfortunately, our mayor shows his lack of respect and support by cutting our police budget by almost $1 million per year yet gives economic development a quarter-million dollars to throw away. What are our elected officials thinking? Biloxi is one of the Coast’s and nation’s safest cities. Biloxi leaders are going to kill the goose that’s laid the golden egg. All residents need to stand up for our Biloxi Police Department. I am not a police officer but a company owner who watches this deplorable behavior as these men and women go to work not knowing if they will return that day.

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