Coast Life Church in Biloxi is growing quickly

NANCY BAKER FAUL/SPECIAL THE SUN HERALDCoast Life Church, 1735 Richard Drive, Biloxi.
NANCY BAKER FAUL/SPECIAL THE SUN HERALDCoast Life Church, 1735 Richard Drive, Biloxi.

Coast Life Church Senior Pastor DeWayne Watson and his wife, Michelle, began organizing the church in their home in early April 2014.

In two weeks, membership jumped from five people to 125, and the group moved their meeting place to the eFitness and Wellness building, 1735 Richard Drive, Biloxi.

The facility has served the congregation well, but CLC may be in for some changes.

A little collaboration

"For now, we are working closely with eFitness, and we are still meeting here," DeWayne Watson said. "We may expand at this facility or there may be a move in our future. Either way, God will provide. The eFitness folks have been very good to us."

He said he is looking forward to focusing his Easter Sunday sermon on the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

"CLC exists to love God, love people and serve the world," he said. "We are not perfect and don't have all of the answers, but Jesus does. With His help we are continuing to grow into the kind of church that gets to help change the world. This Sunday we will celebrate the most pivotal event in history. Jesus left the tomb and is alive today so that we can truly live.

"There is a place in the Coast Life family for you and yours."

CLC is an independent church. Its membership has soared to over 500 in just two years, and they need more space.

Youth are welcome

The church has active groups for all ages. The youth group, known as Redeemed, Engaged and Dangerous, plans spring and summer events every year and welcomes new members.

The church holds parties and cookouts on the beach with baptisms, games, Bible studies and bonfires.

Small groups, including young adults, senior adults, men and ladies, meet throughout the week in various locations to fellowship and study the Bible.

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