First Presbyterian Church of Pascagoula celebrates 125 years

First Presbyterian Church of Pascagoula was founded in April 1890 as Scranton Presbyterian.

For about a year, the first congregation met in the local Methodist church facilities.

In 1891, Scranton Presbyterian built a simple wooden sanctuary of their own, but it burned to the ground in 1895.

Quickly, the members built a brick building where they could continue to worship.

The church moved in 1955 to its present location on Pascagoula Street. For the next 27 years, the church grew. The early 1980s saw the church build, expand and remodel, and members were able to hold their first service there on Dec. 19, 1982.

Since then, as throughout its 125-year history, troubles have come and gone, but the members met them head-on with trust in God and patience for the future. Through hurricanes and storms, births and deaths, the church has continued as a beacon of hope for a close-knit community that has always loved to reach out and welcome new people into the fold.

Presbyterian history goes back to the 16th century and the Protestant Reformation. The first Presbytery in the United States was in Philadelphia, Pa., in 1706. First Presbyterian Church of Pascagoula has been part of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church since May 2012.

Senior Pastor Matt Mitchell has been at FPCP since June 2011 and is excited to be a part of the church's ongoing 125th anniversary celebration. Each week at the church is different and honors the history of the church in some special way.

Mitchell, who is the church's 12th pastor in its 125 years, and his staff plan to keep the celebratory events and milestones going through the end of the year.

The current sermon series focuses on gratitude and service. You can follow the church online at

The church will present a concert by Jordy Searcy and Sophie Shoults at 7 tonight in the FPCP hall.