Get out of the box from time to time and see what the world has to offer

Boxed in, y’all. Boxed in — that about sums up the completion of a few days work.

I was asked to put together a “Candy Land” complete with huge LifeSaver Rolls, popsicles, gingerbread men, candy arbor and a gingerbread house.

The wheels on the bus, I mean brain, went round and round. I’d spied some drainage pipes on the side of the road that looked perfect for the giant LifeSaver rolls. All I needed was to ask for them and then haul them to the house. They were very big and very dirty.

My friend and cohort, Debbie and I went to resolve that problem. We got in the car and headed on down to where the roadwork was happening. It seemed to be especially busy traffic wise, and it had been raining continuously which meant it was a good thing I had my work boots on my feet.

We were allowed to take our pick of the drainage pipe (I think it was sewerage pipe). The traffic workers were kind enough to hold up traffic while a little ol’ lady, me, traipsed through the mud and hauled a couple of pipes across the road. We would have been boxed in without a little help from our friends.

Then as the big day for the festival was nearing, the candy arbor was made, lollipops, life-size gingerbread men and lifesavers were checked off the to-do list. All that was lacking? The Gingerbread house.

Once again I sent my friend Deb an SOS. She, being game, came over, and we gathered stuff to make our brown cardboard house look like the real deal.

We painted, hot-glued and fancied up the roof, made windows and doors and with burned fingers and weary bones, we realized we needed to shore the house up.

Probably would have been smart to have done that first, but we like to make life a challenge so I went in and duct taped (pink of course) and slid back out the front door. Still it was acting a bit flimsy. A good huff and a puff by a little child’s chinny chin chin could certainly take this thing out.

So, we decided to close up the windows and doors with duct tape to stabilize it further. Deb climbed in this time and once we got through we realized we had just taped her into a corner. Deb was boxed in. Stuck! Before claustrophobia and convulsive laughter took over I had to muscle up and lift the whole thing up so she could climb out. Thank goodness no one had a video camera.

That’ll preach.

Even in the sweetest, most innocent things, gingerbread houses, no less, we can become stuck and feel boxed in.

It is a wonderful thing to get out of the box and often it takes a little help from others. We can’t do life alone or isolation becomes our box.

Faithfully, we have been set free in Christ, “So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.” Get out of the box today.

Kandi Farris, a freelance correspondent, also is a speaker on matters of faith and values.