Exercise your relationship with God and you will stay in good shape

It’s always interesting visiting the health nuts I’m related to in Tupelo. They are serious. My son’s family is all about this CrossFit business and one of my granddaughters, Maddie, was 81st in the world last year in her age group.

My oldest daughter’s just as serious about running 5-plus miles a day. Training for a half marathon.

Since I’m a joiner I can feel myself being sucked into some sweating like an oldie. I have found myself on an ice skating rink for the first time in my life. I have found myself side by side with a young lady who was training as a police recruit and of course I thought I could keep up.

Danger, danger.

I find reading about exercise much safer. I receive a daily email trying to spark me on to become a faithful fitness fanatic. That’s as far as I have gotten this time. Reading. Now that’s my kind of calisthenics.

My eye muscles do feel the workout as I squint to read up on the benefits of moving the ol’ body. One article I came across stated that a good walking program might help end brain fuzz, a malady that has begun to take my mind hostage.

Mind fuzz has not kept me from remembering one of the times my youngest daughter took me running/walking. Fear of collapsing weighed heavy on my mind. As we started our trek, I realized that I was in no shape to get into shape. Kasie reminded me that you have to start somewhere. That was about 15 years ago, y’all.

It didn’t go well. I actually stepped on a newly hatched snake. It got stuck in the treads of my running shoes. Oooooo, talk about a cardio vascular work out. Between the snake and some nails and a broken bottle, I was wondering about taking out more insurance.

It’s a war zone out there for the walker/runner. Surely God was trying to tell me something like save your breath, relax, give it up. Don’t think so. The process may be hard, but the results only come if we stick to a thing.

That’ll preach. We need to stay the course. We all have fears to face in the race we call faith. We have to get out there and exercise our trust muscles before they shape up and amount to anything.

God never promised that the course would be without peril. Scripture does say, God is able to keep one from falling….” And “We are to “throw off” everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles and run with perseverance the race marked out for us!”

Exercising our convictions takes strength so I’m stickin’ and stayin’ in the race no matter how hard or scary it might seem.

Don’t be afraid, trust God. Exercise your faith by walking it out daily. You can do it!

Kandi Farris, a freelance correspondent, also is a speaker on matters of faith and values.