I am always ready for a start-up

Start-ups. That was the subject of the following written four years ago. How quickly time has passed and I am still poised to “start-up.”

That’s me, y’all, I am always starting something up. You could use the word “zealous” to describe the fever that tends to flow through my veins when I have a new project.

The creative world seems to call out. Repurposing, do-overs, painting and sewing have really consumed my imagination. Rushing to get all my ideas moving requires so much.

First I have to have the proper workspace. The garage is now staged for action, but not after some assembly required. My sweet husband wished that he had never asked me what he could do to help.

Help found him assembling a basket holder. It wasn’t too big, but the project was a two-person job. In my enthusiasm to get this done so I could get on to my painting, I rushed in to help. Grabbing screwdrivers and shaking out screws thinking this was going to be a quick job, I was ready to barrel through.

Nay, nay. I am married to the one man on the planet who carefully studies directions. Cooper, knowing me well, said to me in his best teacher voice, “Now, slow down. Don’t get in a hurry. Let’s read the plan.”

It was so hard. I was itching to continue ripping into the bags, but Cooper knew that there were eight screws in a clear bag A and so on. I had to hold back. It was something my ADD world hadn’t before experienced.

Despite being arduously slow, the little shelf looks especially grand. It was well thought out and completed as instructed. I might add, that no one was injured in the making of our shelf. Usually there is in pain involved with my anxious excitement to finish quickly.

So, as bad as I hate to admit it here is the “that’ll preach.” Thinking a thing through, following instructions, taking time to open a bag only when needed and going step by step really does reap benefits.

It works that way in our spiritual lives as well, y’all. Sometimes we tend to rush headlong into doing a myriad of wonderful things just because they look like they need to be done. Instead of waiting to hear from the Lord, instead of reading the instruction manual, instead of taking time to pray about all angles and searching for wise counsel we jump in and over extend and do a lot of things less than well.

Scripture says, “Desire without knowledge is not good — how much more will hasty feet miss the way!” Also, the enemy knows if he can’t make us sin, he can keep us busy doing good things, but not God’s best.

So, enjoy the doing…but slow it down. Whatever you do…do well to the glory of God! Ready, set…start up. And maybe next month we will read…Finished well.

Kandi Farris, a freelance correspondent is also a speaker on matters of faith and values.