Hit refresh on the ol’ memory card

My brain is foggy to say the least. It prompted me to think on this whole memory issue. Here is a blast from the past, a column I wrote some time ago. . .

Many years ago I was given one of my favorite gifts. It’s a fancy camera. Supposed to be “fool” proof.

Automatic Focus is a mainstay and from there I’ve had so much fun taking pictures of everything. I toted that heavy piece around my neck to family gatherings, nature walks, ballgames and beaches.

Most every event had me hiding behind a camera. My walls, my cabinets and my attic are filled with hundreds of pictures. It was my hobby. That is until my skills slipped.

I’ve dropped the camera a few times, and I’ve resorted to using a coffee creamer cap for the lens cover, but even after the craziness of those things, my pictures were fairly good.

Although, these days I think I’m losing my edge. A bunch of folks are into photography and everyone seems to take better pictures than I can put on my camera’s memory card.

Speaking of memory cards, I was walking through the woods one day pondering my picture-taking dilemma. The trees were begging to be photographed as were the little flowers peeking up through the most unexpected places. There was even a baby turtle that seemed to stop for a photo session. But I knew the pictures would be fuzzy.

So the question is, “Do I quit and pass the torch, buy another camera or what?”

It was then I realized I had only changed the memory card twice in almost a decade.

That might answer the question, “Why are my pictures corrupted, fuzzy and not sharp and crisp?” It’s an overloaded memory card. All the bits have been used. With the change of the card, there will probably be a great deal of life returning to the pictures.

That’ll preach. My personal memory card, my ol’ brain is so full of a million different memories and captured pictures in my mind. I have names, dates, past stuff … so many, in fact, and my thinking isn’t as sharp and a little fuzzy.

In our spiritual life the same thing can happen. We can become overloaded. We can become dull. Our joy, hope and forward living can become blurred by all the stuff stored in our memory cards. Some thinking can even become corrupted and misleading. Some recollections are joyful, others burned into our “cards” not so much.

So, the answer? I can’t go get a new memory card for my brain, but I can continually ask the Lord to renew my mind.

The Lord does a new thing in our heart and He keeps our faith fresh if we abide in Him and He in us. He keeps the old fruitless stuff pruned and restores our joy as we look at today through His eyes. We are transformed by the renewing of our minds.

I’m going to give this new memory card a try. Going to be renewing things so I can see more clearly. Picture that, y’all.

Kandi Farris, a freelance correspondent, also is a speaker on matters of faith and values.