We are all in our own stage of the game

Another T-ball regular season has come to an end for one of our grandsons.

T-ball is a unique and wonderful picture of life and its innocence. My 5-year old grandson is all about the game and, having played since he was old enough to walk, he’s serious.

He hones his baseball skills with his older brother, Jackson, and his cousins on the back acreage.

They give him no slack, and he dishes out as good as he gets; even if they are bigger.

So, when it comes to winning, he’s all in and especially since his brother’s team won their league championship. In fact, he was so geared up for the big game for first place he had Mawmaw out throwing the ball.

I accidentally missthrew, go figure, and it hit him. John Lowry quickly spun around and said, “Mawmaw, I can’t be injured before the big game.” He’s serious.

He had a few kindred spirits on his team, but there were a few kids who were 4- and 5-year-olds who just liked playing in the grass. It is one of the best shows on the planet and I love the pure joy of children being children.

The day of the big game, a like-minded buddy was out of play due to an injury and that was cause for concern, but it was still a beautiful day for a game. We lined our chairs along the fence and the stands filled with eager moms and dads.

What I love about watching these little young’uns are their differences. You have one group all “baseball ready.” You have another group all bunched together taking soil samples. Then you have another group picking wildflowers the mower missed.

One of my favorite moments of this game was when one precious boy was up to bat. Just as he began to swing he abruptly stopped, looked up in the stands to where his family was sitting and said, “Did you get me that blow-pop?” First things first.

Another priceless moment came when an itsy-bitsy little girl came up to bat. She loves to watch her mama while she is swinging the bat. It’s kind of hard to hit when you’re looking in the stands, but she made contact. Her run to first base was one for the books.

We all prayed the pitcher, who was pretty good at getting people out, would have a fail. The ball did fly past first base and cutie pie jumped on first with all the gusto of having stuck a gymnast’s landing. It was a “ta da” moment.

All this has a “that’ll preach.” We are all at different stages, age wise and stature wise. Then there’s maturity and emotions. Each person brings to the table who they are in the moment. We are all growing, learning and hopefully maturing.

The phase, season or whatever you call it is ever changing. We need to come alongside people, young and old, where they are at and enjoy the moment. We are all in the growth process and as believers we are being sanctified till we are called home. Grace, y’all.

Look around, y’all. There is a time and a season for everything … enjoy the game of life with grace, humility, patience and, above all, love. Play ball.

Kandi Farris, a freelance correpsondent, also is a speaker on matters of faith and values.