Doing the mother’s dance is easier with a little help

A mama has a heart that beats with the heart of her child.

It never loses sync.

Not even when her baby causes her heart to skip, leap, break or rejoice.

Even when her babies have babies of their own, if you’d put a heart monitor on her, you’d find her heart still beats with her child’s.

Five years ago, Donna, one of those precious mamas, brought it home to me.

The Gulfport High Admiral baseball team was in the third round of the 6A south division playoffs. We were facing Oak Grove in a deciding game. Mamas were antsy all around me.

Some mamas had noisemakers and some were keeping stats and some were taking pictures. Most were cheering, even if they were peeking at the game through hand-covered eyes.

Nail salons everywhere will be celebrating a rush through the doors after all the nail-biting plays.

Back to Donna. We laughed and found common ground as we danced the “mama dance.”

Her son was playing and I felt like the coach’s mama. The “mama dance” is when we move with our kids, helping them from a distance to make a play.

Don’t say you don’t understand. Our body language is one of assistance.

How many of you have been spooning food into a baby’s mouth and opened your mouth simultaneously with theirs?

I’m telling you we move with them, hurt with them, celebrate and learn with our young ones.

They had us at first glance and will have us till we breathe our last. Unconditional love.

Years ago, I wrote an article, “A Marathon called Motherhood.” Motherhood is a stress test for the heart.

Endurance, faith, tears, hope, love, forgiveness and a Savior are what maintain the mother’s heart.

They cause our heart to regain its momentum through all the mountain tops and valleys of being someone’s mama.

For many mamas, Mother’s Day finds the heart beating, but bruised.

Hang in the lane, stay the course. Blistered and beleaguered, but remembering that remaining is more important than being patted on the back. To compete is honor enough.

Mother’s Day is a reminder to say thank you to those who endured. For those who have taken their place at the starting block and never quit the race even when they’ve been called to gallop, saunter, sprint or pass the baton. Mother’s Day celebrates the mama dance, the marathon called motherhood, the very beat of our hearts.

Keep on keeping’ on. I know the one who will fill you, refresh you and renew you. The Christ is waiting to help you complete this mighty marathon called Motherhood.

For I know whom I have believed and am persuaded that He is able to keep that which I have committed to Him against that day.

And He tends His flock like a Shepherd; He gathers the lambs in His arms and carries them close to His heart and gently leads those who have young.

And the beat goes on. Happy Mother’s Day.

Kandi Farris, a freelance correspondent, also is a speaker on matters of faith and values.