These unlikely BFFs are literally inseparable. And they just found their forever home.

She’s 145 pounds and a giant love bug. He’s 11 pounds and constantly alert. Their lives have been complicated, but their relationship isn’t. They are in it for the long haul together.

Nana, a 7-year-old bull mastiff, and Spunky, a 1-year-old terrier mix, arrived at the Humane Society of South Mississippi last week, said Katie King, HSSM development director.

“They came in together,” she said. “Animal Control brought them in, and unfortunately, their owners couldn’t come get them.”

The Mutt-and-Jeff pair were posted on the shelter’s Facebook page, with the notice “These two unlikely BFFs are now looking for their new forever home! They must be adopted out together as they eat together, play together and sleep together.” Among the 228 shares was one to a mastiff group. That’s where Henry and Cynthia Noha of McHenry come in.

“Once it hit the mastiff site, we said, ‘We have to do this,’” Henry said. They went to HSSM Wednesday and fell in love with the two dogs.

The couple had said a tearful goodbye to their beloved English mastiff, Kronos, about seven months ago.

“He had to be put down. It was the humane thing to do,” Cynthia said.

“He had bone cancer. We were fortunate to have him in our lives for six years,” Henry said.

“Not many people know what a mastiff is, or what it means to have one,” he added. “Once you have one, it’s like a potato chip. You want another, and another.”

Losing Kronos was devastating for the Nohas.

“It was like we had lost part of our family,” Cynthia said.

A few months later, they adopted Misty, a little Labrador/terrier mix (“Well, a mutt,” Henry said with a laugh). She’s brought joy into their lives, along with their Maltese, Skittles. But for the Nohas, there’s nothing like a mastiff.

“They are gentle giants,” Henry said. The Nohas have six grandchildren, and all of them loved Kronos, too.

They’re excited to have Spunky in their lives as well.

“I think Spunky is going to like our little Misty,” Cynthia said. The two dogs are about the same size and the same energy level.

As for Nana, she has a new name: Athena. A lump on her back will be removed, and she currently is a little underweight.

“She won’t be that way for long, though,” Henry said. As if to prove him correct, Athena began gently nosing around Cynthia’s open purse sitting on the floor of the shelter’s visitation room as if it were a food bowl.

The Nohas are looking forward to getting the pair back to their home in McHenry, where their half-acre property is all fenced in and ready for the dogs to enjoy life.

“It’s so much fun taking a mastiff somewhere like PetSmart,” Cynthia said. “Kids will come up and say, ‘Is that a pony? Can I pet your pony?’”

Tammy Smith: 228-896-2130, @Simmiefran1