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R&C Korean Restaurant in Biloxi a tasty, spicy adventure

JULIAN BRUNT/SPECIAL TO THE SUN HERALDSpicy kimchi made with cucumbers.
JULIAN BRUNT/SPECIAL TO THE SUN HERALDSpicy kimchi made with cucumbers.

Are you in the mood for a tasty, bold and spicy treat and a bit of an adventure? Then R&C Korean Restaurant in Biloxi should be on your lunch menu.

Korean food is a bit out on a limb for many people. It doesn't have the popularity of Japanese, Chinese or even Vietnamese cuisine, but it holds its own with any Asian cooking style.

Many people know nothing about it other than possibly kimchi, the famous pickled cabbage dish that has a reputation for being spicy, but from the get-go many Americans have it wrong about that dish and Korean cuisine.

Kimchi is made with a variety of vegetables, and is a delicious accompaniment to many Korean dishes.

R&C is sure to dazzle you with kimchi made from cucumbers, cabbage and radish, and you can choose just how spicy you want your food to be.

The menu at R&C is not huge, but at first glance it may be a bit intimidating, as very likely you won't recognize much. Now is not the time to be hesitant, however. Just dive in!

If you like beef, you might want to try the Korean-style ribs (Gal bee, just $7.95 on the lunch menu). What about dumplings? There are three dumpling choices on the appetizer menu, but go for the steamed ($8.95 for 12 dumplings). They are served with a spicy sauce that is salty, spicy, sweet and garlicky, the dumplings and sauce when judiciously combined were nothing short of divine.

A traditional dish that is outstanding is the B-bom bop ($11.95). It's a large bowl filled with steamed rice, beef, mixed vegetables, bean sprouts and topped with a fried egg. At first the Bul go gi ($6.95 on the lunch menu), which is spiced sliced beef in mild or spicy Korean sauce, seemed a bit bland, but then we realized what we had missed.

There is a small table full of condiments that come with each meal, three kinds of kimchi, pickled bean sprouts, the spicy dipping sauce described before, and another prepared sauce, that was deep, rich and unidentifiable for us, but delicious.

The condiments are meant to be liberally used as garnish for everything. Man oh man, a bite of those ribs, along with a piece of spicy, pickled cucumber was just wonderful.

R&C translates into delicious food, a serious lesson in a cuisine about which many of us are under informed, and a really good time. I say good time because this food is fun.

It is exciting, just as spicy or mild as you want it to be, bold, full of textures for your palate to explore and new flavors.

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