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Where is the best gas station food on the Gulf Coast? Tell us your favorites.

Few things are better than a full gas tank and a stuffed belly. It’s even better when you can knock them both out in the same place.

I’m no stranger to the wonders of gas station food, and well, neither are many of you. If we’re all honest, it’s convenient. At its best, it’s just downright fast and delicious. Gas station food culture is prominent throughout the South, including the Mississippi Coast.

I am a self-proclaimed gas station hot dog enthusiast — the sultan of slaw. But it’s not all about those roller grill dogs. Trips to central and southern Louisiana mean one thing to me: gas station boudin links topped with yellow mustard and maybe a little hot sauce on the side.

But we want to hear from you. Maybe you have a favorite place that sells chicken on a stick, egg rolls or po-boys.

What are you favorite local gas stations on the Coast that also serve food? What’s your favorite thing to order? Tell us about it. Respond to the online poll below or email

If you choose to email, include the following:

  • What local gas station serves the best food
  • What do you get/order?
  • Why is it your favorite?

We’ll report our results next week.

Go forth. Fill up and chow down.

Nick Wooten is the Southern Trends and Culture reporter for McClatchy’s South region. He is based in Columbus, Georgia at the Ledger-Enquirer but his work also appears in The (Macon) Telegraph and The Sun Herald in Biloxi.Before joining McClatchy, he worked for The (Shreveport La.) Times covering city government and investigations. He is a graduate of Mercer University in Macon, Georgia.