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New pizza chain on the Coast could be ‘a new favorite’

Slice of Deluxe Uno, great crust, great combination.
Slice of Deluxe Uno, great crust, great combination. Special to the Sun Herald

There is a new pizza place in town, with two locations. Marco’s has been named one of the best food franchises in the USA by several top business magazines, including Forbes. Marco’s claim the reason for success is based on four simple goals: fresh cheese, Italian style sauce, dough made daily and quality meats.

Marco’s makes a great first impression, sharp and clean, but not too shiny. The overall effect is a comfortable, and well-managed restaurant. I liked being told that my pizza would be ready in 18 minutes. It tells me that someone is paying attention to details, the secret of success for any small business.

There are other options, but Marco’s really is all about pizza, and it is pretty darn good. Quality ingredients make a huge difference and slices of pepperoni so thin you can see through them just doesn’t make it and won’t be found here. We ordered a Deluxe Uno, the best-selling pizza at the Ocean Springs location, and were very pleased indeed. It was loaded with cheese, pepperoni, Italian sausage, mushrooms, green peppers, onions and a nice sprinkling of extra cheese. A medium set us back $13.99, and that is a good deal.

The sauce was tomato bright, and plentiful, and the combination of ingredients hit all the right points, a little crunch, a little spice. Nice. Perhaps most impressive was a well-made crust. It was just crusty enough, firm, and evenly browned, all the right signs of a roaring hot oven, one of the most essential factors in making a good pizza. Its also the reason it is so hard to make a good pizza at home, with home ovens seldom producing temperatures over 500 degrees, and a good pizza oven hitting 800 or more. This was a pizza worth going back for.

We also tried the steak and cheese Bruno sub on wheat. It’s a pretty straight forward combo of steak, mushrooms, cheese and mayo, and it was delicious. We got the 6-inch, and it was only $4.99, which is a very good deal! The steak was tender and flavorful, the bread not too chewy, not too soft, just right for a sub.

There are seven subs on the menu, a build-your-own pizza option, as well as six specialty pizza options to choose from and a few salads. Service was sharp, professional and fast. If you are in a hurry, or on the way home from work, call your order in ahead and it will be waiting for you. But this place is comfortable enough to bring a few friends and hang out for a while. This really is a well thought out business plan, emphasizing quality and efficacy. Check Marco’s out, it’s going to be a new favorite.

Marco’s Pizza

Where: 3921 Bienville, Ocean Springs; and 1765 Popp’s Ferry Road, Biloxi

Hours: 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. Sunday-Thursday; 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. Friday and Saturday

Phone: 228-872-4772 Ocean Springs; and 228-325-1515 Biloxi