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A new cafe near Keesler has lunch specials that sell out daily and breakfast to boot

You know how crazy I am about a good burger, so it just might surprise you when I say that the Lady Bird Café just wowed me off my feet with its Lady Burger. 

Just in size it is impressive, a true two-hander, but add to that two flame-grilled patties, cheese, lettuce, big thick slices of tomato and crunchy rings of red onion, all bound together with a really good garlic mayo, you have a burger that is now on the top of my list.

You may have seen several restaurants come and go at this spot, just across the street from Luckies Furniture, but my money says this place is here to stay. 

Parking can be problematic, and as word spreads about this place, you may have to circle the block and come back, but that is no big deal. This place is worth the wait! 

Combine service that is hometown friendly (thank you, Jeanine Battaglia) and food that is made by someone (Kristy Allen) who is serious about getting it right, and you have a top contender for your breakfast and lunchtime business.

The menu is just the right size, with four starters (check out the pimento and cheese dip for $6), eight burgers and sandwiches, three kid’s choices and a few biscuit and sandwich suggestions for breakfast, and all the bases are covered. 

There is also a daily special, which I am sorry to say I missed, but was told sells out every day. The specials vary every day, but Tuesday is always hamburger steak day.

I know I made a fuss about the burger, but I also got to sample the Cubano ($9). It is made with marinated mojo pork, ham, Swiss with mustard, and served on a French roll. It’s the standard drill for one of my favorite sandwiches, and it was top notch. But what pulled it all together was the sweet potato fries (only $2.50) served with a side of Sriracha lime mayo (one of the best mayo combinations I have ever had). 

Can I be honest with you? I’d gladly go back and order a super-size portion of those fries and a big, and I mean really big, dollop of the mayo and be a very happy soul indeed.

The other best-seller is the fried chicken sandwich ($8). Fried chicken is another weakness of mine, and so I am all in for this idea. Make sure it is fully dressed and ask for extra garlic mayo, and you will be happy and already thinking about your next visit.

I am so happy to see the Lady Bird Café hit East Pass Road, near the gates of Keesler Air Force Base. Great food and super friendly service (and no televisions) is going to make this a regular stop for you and your lunch pals. See you there.

Lady Bird Cafe

Where: 1711 East Pass Road, Biloxi

Hours: 6:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. Tuesday-Friday; 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday

Phone: 228-280-8022