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A new food truck on the Coast is serving up ‘exceptional’ fried chicken and waffles

Waffles and fried chicken with a fiery sauce.
Waffles and fried chicken with a fiery sauce. Special to the Sun Herald

So, what’s the secret to the best fried chicken? I hate to tell you this, but, it’s a secret. At least that’s what True Pasley told me when I found him attending his brand spanking new food truck in Ocean Springs recently.

The event was the grand opening of the newly resurfaced Porter Avenue and as soon as I saw the truck, custom made here in Mississippi, and the slickly painted logo, TrueWings, I knew something special was about to happen.

If you follow my Coastwide wanderings at all, you know I am crazy about cheeseburgers, and the occasionally hard-to-find hot dog, but my true passion in life is fried chicken. I only know of two places in the Delta that make exceptional fried chicken, but now, my friends, there is a place on the Coast where you can try the best fried chicken I have had in years.

True Pasley, an Ocean Springs resident, came up with the idea while living in England. He is retired from the Air Force and his wife is still active duty.

Fried and spicy wings in the UK? Man, you better believe it. Pasley, whose UK food truck was in a converted ambulance, attended events where he served thousands of wings in a day. No kidding.

So, what makes TrueWings chicken so good? Quite simply, attention to detail and some very creative innovations. The batter Pasley uses is nothing short of amazing, and you can bet your last dollar you are never going to find out how it is made.

It is so good, so different, Pasley has actually been stalked through grocery store aisles by competitors who wanted to know how he did it.

Temperature control is also vital, as any good fry cook will tell you, but TrueWings also uses seasoned oil. Really? Yup. So how long does he cook his chicken? Pasley says eight minutes, but in the hour or so I spent with him, and he made four batches of chicken while we talked, he did not once look at his watch.

How does he do it? He told me that the chicken talks to him. Translation: When the chicken rises to the surface, and the sound of the bubbling oil gets “tight,” the sound really does change, then it’s ready.

The menu is just as tight: wings (3 for $6, 6 for $10), chicken and waffles ($5) and a chicken sandwich ($4) and fries ($2). Period. The waffles are imported from Belgium and are delicious.

The chicken wings come with your choice of eight sauces (love the Wing Commander) and they come from mild to volcanic. The chicken, oh, my friend! The wings are huge, crispy like I have never had chicken before, tender and juicy.

I just do not know how fried chicken could be improved. Think I am exaggerating? Not a chance (I promise to always be truthful to you!). What do you think I had for breakfast this morning? Leftover fried chicken, of course!

TrueWings Chicken “n” Waffles

Where and when: Biloxi Brewing Co., 186 Bohn St., Biloxi, Tuesday 5-8 p.m.

A Mini Storage, 3815 Bienville Blvd., Ocean Spring, Saturday 11 a.m.-3 p.m.

Rumor’s Lounge, U.S. 90 east in Ocean Springs, Thursday 5-10 p.m.

Phone: 402-979-0624