Choosing the perfect music apps for seniors

With several music apps to choose from, how do seniors know which one is the best one for their personal use?
With several music apps to choose from, how do seniors know which one is the best one for their personal use? TNS

Since 2011, the number of adults who own smart phones and tablets has increased from about 35 percent to almost 70 percent in 2016.

Within the adult demographic, smart phone and tablet usage among seniors over 65 also has increased. According to a 2015 study done by the Pew Research Center, 78 percent of the seniors over 65 own smart phones and 32 percent of that age group owns tablets.

As smartphone usage increases, so does the number of seniors who are using their devices for entertainment purposes.

One of the features of most devices is the ability to play music either through downloads or streaming services.

Here are some of the more popular music apps and terms for smart phones and tablets:


MP3s are compressed sound files that can be purchased from sources such as iTunes and stored on your devices. One of the first MP3 players was the Apple iPod. However, most smart phones today have MP3 players in the phone or tablet. iTunes is an online store where you can purchase MP3s.


Pandora is an app that can be downloaded through the app store on your device. It is a free service that provides customizable station created for the listener based on what type of music the person likes. The music is played in a streaming format and the basic version contains commercials. An upgrade can be purchase on a monthly basis that eliminates the commercials.


Spotify is the gold standard of paid music services. The app download is available for free but a monthly service fee of about $10 gives the listener access to thousands and thousands of songs that can be saved in playlists or shared with other people. Spotify can be used by both Android and iOS (Apple).

Apple Music

Apple Music is very similar to Spotify. The app can be downloaded for free but there’s a monthly fee required for usage, which is also about $10. The one advantage of Apple Music over Spotify is it has far more podcasts as Apple embraced the podcast format many years ago. It can also be downloaded on both the Android and iOS platforms.