Put something fried on top of that burger

Try topping your burger with fried pickles.
Try topping your burger with fried pickles. Special to the Sun Herald

Today I’m going to blog about adding fried things on top of burgers.

There are many things you can add to a burger, but something fried is at the top of my list. That’s a pretty Southern sentiment, isn’t it? Sorry, but I make no apologies.

Perhaps the genesis of adding fried things to burgers is the potato chip. As a kid who didn’t add chips to their PB&J sandwich?

Admittedly chips don’t add much flavor, but the added crunch is much welcomed and adds a fun element.

Perhaps the first fried element I tried on a burger was fried onion rings, and they remain among my favorites. But the top of the list has got to be fried sour pickles.

Not only do you get the delightful crunch, but you also get the wonderful zing of a good sour pickle. What a delightful contrast to all the other condiments.

Good ideas, like people, are hard to keep down.