Crab meat goes well with pasta

Crab meat pairs beautifully with fresh pasta.
Crab meat pairs beautifully with fresh pasta. Special to the Sun Herald

Today is the last blog entry in a week about Mississippi blue crab and all its applications in the Southern diet.

All week I have blogged about how delicate crab meat is and how careful we need to be not to cover up its sweet flavor.

Crab cakes and crab salad are great examples, but fresh, not dried pasta, is also a great platform for lump or jumbo-lump crab.

This is a recipe that you want to keep simple. Fresh pasta (and of course you are not going to overcook it) and the lightest sauce you can think of is all it takes.

The sauce doesn’t have to be cowardly, or completely unassertive, but you do want to make sure it is applied with a light hand.

Please never swim your pasta in any sauce. Perhaps the best sauce for this dish is just brown butter with a hint of lemon. Melt butter in a pan and cook until it starts to brown, add a little lemon, toss in the pasta and garnish with lumps of crab. Serve at once.