God gave you what it takes

Zippity doo da. Zippity aaaa. Sing, baby.

Between rainy days there are beautiful days. Get those ol' lounge chairs out and get a load of those cotton candy clouds. Check out the trees putting on the green and the plants dressing out in their flowery colors. It's a canvas made in Heaven.

God is absolutely shaking up the ol' dead ground. Life is breaking through!

Speaking of shaking, I can remember one Easter some 12 years ago when my granddaughters blew in for the weekend. They shook the place up, down and all around. No frilly lace for my girls; they dress for action.

Lauren, our oldest granddaughter, had enough high-power wattage to shed light on a whole city block. We were sure the sister who followed in her shadow would have a bit less firepower. Wrong. Sadie, even when she was 2 years old, needed to wear a placard warning "Danger. High voltage." Together they were two spark plugs ready to add their amplified energy to the concerto of creation. They hit the yard running.

That's where this story shakes out. Before the Tupelo gang reached Gulfport, I had spruced up of the front porch. I took down a miniature ornamental birdhouse and replaced it with hanging flowerpots.

When the girls arrived, the tiny birdhouse was perched on the windowsill where I'd left it. Mistake. Sadie was intent on inspecting everything. She found the birdhouse, peeked inside. Something in there caught her eye.

She proceeded to take the thing over to the grass and jiggle it until the contents spilled out on the grass. To her surprise and my dismay, the birdhouse was anything but ornamental. It was functioning as home to some itsy-bitsy baby birds.

The featherless babies were a tad shook up but gently restored to their home. That's when little mama bird flew on the scene. She went nuts. Just a tad bigger than a hummingbird, her efforts to protect her family were gigantic. She chirped, she dove, she feigned being hurt -- anything to drag the girls and the danger away from her flock.

She succeeded. The girls ran like mad. Peace was restored to her little corner of the world.

Some are born high-powered movers and shakers. They can storm in and shake up a perfectly peaceful world. Other little creatures seem so small, incapable and defenseless of standing up to the test of these wild ones.

The spring demo delivered a different "that'll preach" moment. It was like a David and Goliath moment. The fast-moving, quick-talking curious girls were subdued by a little-bitty feisty mama bird.

The Lord God made us all, uniquely suited to the tasks which He calls us to complete. Don't you dare think that you don't have what it takes to make a difference in your corner of the world. God created you, just as you are, to add zip, beauty, strength, joy or plain ol' spice to the place you've been placed.

You are a masterpiece, fearfully and wonderfully made. Whatever you do, do well. Put your life in the hands of the Master, giving thanks that He has made your life, in your own matchless way, to sing. Large, small, medium, loud, or quiet -- sing, baby, sing. Zippity doodah! Have a great day.

Kandi Farris, is a freelance correspondent and speaker on matters of faith and values.