Pray for my family friends and their young daughter after reading these inspiring words

Our times are in your hands, Lord. Sometimes it is easiest to believe and have faith for ourselves, but then comes the blast out of nowhere knocking you off of your feet and someone you love is affected and is in a battle you would give anything to be able to take from them. These past months have been littered with the fallout of blasts, but God is faithful.

Through the years doors open and in walk people who become like your children and then like your heroes. One family I know has placed their stamp of love on my heart. They have had a series of very hard places to walk through, places where few would walk with the genuine faith wrapped in “real” that they have shown.

Their young daughter is in a battle as many of you or your loved ones are and I felt it so important not to let any of the painful learning and hope be missed by y’all. This is a “that’ll preach” just for us written by the child’s mother, may God bless the reading of this in your lives.

“Today, is an important day for our family. Please pray for my sweet (child) again. She will get another treatment today, and we are just clinging to our God and the hope that this will be what turns around her illness. This season in our life has been so hard — the hardest. Casting Crowns sings about how ‘there’s a place where fear has to face the God you know.’ I’m not sure exactly what that place is, but I think it’s a place that is faced by those who are dealing with childhood illness. It’s no joke. And yet my burdens are light and pale in comparison to many.

“Through this, I’m always wondering what God would have me and (our daughter) and our family to learn or to do from this experience. I am confident there is purpose and meaning in it. Of course, I’m screaming, ‘Teach me. Just teach me. She can learn later. I’ll tell her what I learn.’ But that’s not the way it works. I know my girl has grown from this. I’ve seen scales fall off her eyes to reveal an interest in the needs of others and be generous and compassionate. And she is brave and strong. I’ve seen her turn the other cheek. And I’ve just been in awe and speechless.

“And for me, I’ve had to turn so many moments over to my God, my Savior. I’ve had to pray through so many moments of anxiety clinging to God’s promises and the truths that are in His word and that I have seen in my own life. Those reminders, audible reminders, about my God and my Jesus get me from moment to moment sometimes.

“And you know there are blessings in all of this. This has given me time to stop and slow down with her just to be with her. It sounds so simple, but there is blessing in the slow times, the times in the hospital when all you can do is just focus on being together rather than the daily mess of life.

“I always look for a verse to focus on for the New Year, and (my child) has come to like Psalm 46:10: ‘Be still and know that I am God.’ He is at work in the smallest of ways. Pray for those who have a child that is sick, who daily face a battle of uncertainty with the person that puts the color in their world. Hug them a second longer. Feed them. Pray for them again. Donate toys and practical items to the Pediatric wing. Hug a pediatric doctor and staff. Encourage them. They deliver news that no one wants to deliver and often answer phone calls at all hours.”

May the Lord bless you and keep you. Pray for one another, my precious friends, pray.

Kandi Farris, a freelance correspondent, also is a speaker on matters of faith and values.