Consider these reasons to be thankful this Thanksgiving

We have had some unorthodox Thanksgivings as we divide our time between the highway and the kids.

We’ve celebrated family at a pizza place playing games with some of the crew. Then we were off to the other homes where tradition found us once again.

This Thanksgiving is one I am especially cherishing even though we won’t be with all our family. We are staying home, but there’s a new edge on thankfulness for health.

Isn’t that true? Being thankful doesn’t change, just the objects of that appreciation.

There are a whole lot of additions to give thanks for every single year … That’ll preach.

God is so good, y’all. It’s this time of year that I just have a need to get all warm and fuzzy and think on all the good things that He has done in my life.

When that thankful mode kicks in, all of the wrinkles of life seem to smooth over and the blessings just shine through.

So today may I share a few things I’m thankful for this Thanksgiving Day?

Without question I thank you God for being the “I am,” for allowing this ol’ gal’s life to be changed, to be made whole through the blessed gift of Jesus Christ, your Son, and then filling me so full with the Comforter, Your Holy Spirit ... Thank you, Gracious God.

Thank you God for knowing me so well. You have been doubly good by giving me the gift of family. You never cease to show us your “goodness in the land of the living.”

Praise you for those scrumptious imps called grandchildren. Thank you Lord for the friends that have become my family, the family of God. Thank you for my church and for the word’s of your scripture that are shared and live there.

Thank you for the privilege you have given me of running my mouth. The awesome chance to share in other’s lives through the spoken and written word is such a joy. Thank you for the gift of prayer, of praying and of being prayed for.

Thank you for the material things you have shared but thank you, also for all the struggles and hard times, those days we went without and those days when the sun didn’t seem like it was shining too brightly, for those are the dry places that I needed your watering the most. The struggles are where I have found you so faithful.

So many things, so many blessings, so many reasons to be on my knees, I am so thankful to you, Almighty God. Take time to give thanks!

Go ahead, dive into that savory meal and taste that Thanksgiving feast.

As you munch, remember this little ol’meal doesn’t hold a candle to the nourishing feast that comes from the truth of scripture. O, taste and see that the Lord is good. Blessed is the man that trusts in him. O, give thanks!

Kandi Farris, a freelance correspondent, also is a speaker on matters of faith and values.