Spotlight: Annie

Bridey Walters as Annie and Libby Grove as Sandy.
Bridey Walters as Annie and Libby Grove as Sandy. Gulfport Little Theatre

Presented by: Gulfport Little Theatre

Where: Pass Road at 13th Ave.

Showtimes and dates: Friday, Saturday and Nov. 5, 10, 11, 12, 17, 18, 19; Friday and Saturday Curtain is 7:30 p.m., Sunday matinee is 2 p.m.

Cast List: Bridey Walters/Cassidy Spann (Annie); Bruce Berry (Oliver “Daddy” Warbucks); Claire Banke (Grace Farrell); Haley Hirshfeld (Miss Agatha Hannigan); Jose Gutierrez del Arroyo/Philip Dutton (Daniel “Rooster” Hannigan); Caitie Gutierrez del Arroyo (Lily St. Regis); Jay Lynn (President Franklin Delano Roosevelt); David Reeves/Corbin Jones (Bert Healy); Claire Jones, Kimberly Hess, Sonya Miller (The Boylan Sisters - Bonnie, Connie and Ronnie); Paul McGachey (Drake); Cody Ghiloni (Lt. Ward); Corbin Jones (Harold Ickes); Jim Russell (Cordell Hull, Radio Announcer); Mark Russell (Henry Morgenthau, Louis Brandeis, Artie); Kimberley Schmotzer (Francis Perkins, Mrs. Greer); Mark Otto (Bundles McCloskey); Paul Fraiser (Apple Seller); Philip Dutton (Dogcatcher); Trevor Musgrove (Asst. Dogcatcher, Marine, Jimmy Johnson); Ashleigh Sanderson (Cecille); Emily Musgrove (Annette); Michele Ponte (Mrs. Pugh, Ira); Ciara Kramer (Star-to-Be, Sophie); Caroline Connolly (Usherette); Ian Davis (Sound Effects Man, Kid); Sidney Grove (Fred McCracken); Mason Laville (Kid); Corbin Jones (Eddie); Mackenzie Ruby (Mary); Rachel Thone (Peggy); Libby Grove (Sandy the Dog)

The Principal Orphans: Mia Cheeley/Mamie Byrd (Molly); Kathryn Otto/ Faith Ponte (Kate); Morgan Valentine/Hannah Walters (Tessie); Olivia Hernstrom/Alexia Lambert (Pepper); Mackenzie Valentine/Juliette Locklar (July); Isabella Pendleton (Duffy)

Hoovervillites: Jim Russell, Philip Dutton, David Reeves, Mason Laville, Trevor Musgrove, Olivia Ruiz, Sonja Miller, Sidney Grove

Warbucks Staff: Mark Russell, Corbin Jones, Trevor Musgrove, Claire Jones, Olivia Ruiz, Mackenzie Ruby, Olivia Marcum, Jaida Trotter

Adult Ensemble: Mackenzie Ruby. Rachel Thone, Ashleigh Sanderson, Ian Davis, David Reeves, Sidney Grove, Brynn Sweetapple, Olivia Ruiz, Olivia Marcum, Jaida Trotter, Sonja Miller, Kimberley Schmotzer, Kimberly Hess

Orphan Ensemble: Megan Laville, Campbell Jakubik, Grace Stewart, Mary Evelyn Jakubik, Myleena Price, Abigail Locklar, Indyah Henshaw, Jayden Gaddes, Hollie Sprately, Isabel Ruiz, Danielle Altendorfer, Piper Sullivan, Hope Ponte, Trinity Hirshfeld, Kaylen Ghiloni, Anna Beth Hirshfeld, Sadie Sheldon, Charlotte Connolly, Mazzy Regan, Katherine Keith, Patricia Martin, Zoey Mann, Anastasia Martin, Julianna Robertson, Parker Regan, Alice Ponte

Production Crew: Director: Cal Walters; Producer: Mike Petro, Lori Grove; Assistant Director/ Stage Manager: Jennifer Ruiz; Choreography: Jordan Bell, Cal Walters; Choreography Assistant: Brennah Britt; Music Director: Cherie Cruso Ruff; Set Design: Cal Walters; Light Design: Cal Walters; Sound Design/operator: Mark Otto; Costume Design: Crystal Locklar/Josette’s; Costume Mistress: Tricia Allen; Set Construction: Mike Petro, Jay Lynn, Burton Poggensee, Cal Walters; Set Painting: Lori Trussell Spann, Cal Walters; Light Operator: Janice Murphy; Make-Up: Cody Ghiloni, Cast; Hair: Bruce Berry, Lori Grove; Props: Lori Grove, Tricia Allen; Prop Mistress: Jennifer Noll, Betsy Noll; Stage Crew: Forest Noll, Aisling Noll; Stephanie Hailes, William Meynardie; Orchestra: Cherie Cruso Ruff, Piano; Brent Ruff, Bass; Shane Henker, Winds; Zane Goodnite, Drums

Synopsis: The story of “Little Orphan Annie” was adapted for the musical stage in the late 1970s from the comic strip that began in 1924 and went on to become one of the most successful musicals on Broadway at that time. A plucky orphan girl is on a mission to find her parents in 1930s New York City, after being abandoned years ago on the doorstep of an orphanage run by the cruel Miss Hannigan. With the help of the other girls in the orphanage, Annie escapes and experiences adventure in The Big Apple, making friends with a billionaire, Franklin D. Roosevelt and a lovable dog, until finally finding her forever home. Featuring some of the most famous songs in musical theatre, including “Tomorrow” and “Hard Knock Life,” this production is a bright and colorful affair that bursts with thrilling energy.

Ticket Prices: $16 general admission; $13 senior/military; $11 child/student

Reservations/details: 228-864-7983