Don’t get too far off course, but if you do, you He is your ultimate GPS


My daughter called, the one with 2-year-old twins, a 7-year-old, two teens and another one in college.

Add to the mix a husband, who as I write this, is on business in Orlando with Irma barreling down on them. He’s not scheduled to drive out until Friday.

She called this morning after Bode had his therapy to tell me she was on her way to Wal-Mart. She was wondering if the day would top last night’s escapades.

After returning from church with the little ones, she heard a knock on the front door. Only strangers come to the front door. Seeing a neighbor she barely knew it became evident there was a problem. Immediately, she said, “The horse is out isn’t he?” The lady said, “Well, there is a horse down the road.”

Blindsided. With two wild toddlers and all help gone she called a friend. It was late and she hated to bother anyone, but she needed some help corralling her blind horse. Yes, I said blind horse.

When the neighbor arrived, she had cornered the horse and was holding him gently by the mane. Thomas the horse being blind and not knowing the neighbor skittishly neighed and left Mel’s grasp. They made attempts to steer the horse through the gate, but the gate slammed shut scaring the horse even worse. He galloped down the road.

Flashlight in hand her friend went on a horse hunt. About that time, her teenagers drove up. They were asked to go down the road and shine the headlights into a field where Thomas was thought to be hiding.

Sadie drove on down to provide light. Did I say Sadie is as jumpy as the blind horse? Well, when the friend with the flashlight finally got to the pasture and came up behind Thomas, Thomas took off straight for Sadie’s car. All the while, she is panicked honking and saying, “Oh, my gosh … my car ... my car.”

Thomas somehow missed the car and careened down the road trying to find home field and the gate. All he wanted was home sweet home, this freedom wasn’t all that. Mel started clicking her tongue and then yelling loudly, “Thomas, here. Thomas, here.” Thomas followed her voice; found the gate and in he went.

That’ll preach, y’all. How many times are we caught blindsided by life? We get out of our safe boundaries and can’t find our way back. Help comes in many different forms, but being scared of our own shadow we run further away from safety.

It’s only when we listen closely for the familiar voice of our Master we make it back to the gate and home sweet home. Lesson, don’t stray from God’s given boundaries and if you happen to get lost remember Jesus’ words, “My sheep know my voice.” Follow Him. Blindsided no more.

Kandi Farris, a freelance correspondent, also is a speaker on matters of faith and values.