What movies are showing at what theaters in South Mississippi

Fionn Whitehead in ‘Dunkirk.’
Fionn Whitehead in ‘Dunkirk.’ TNS

Reviews from wire and online sources. Showing at these theaters:

C — Cinemark

G — Grand 18

(Stars based on a four-star scale)

New arrivals

Good Time 1/2

Robert Pattinson stars as Connie (Constantine), a young man at the end of a very long night in Queens full of dangerous crimes and terrible decisions. R (G)

Special Screening

Close Encounters of the Third Kind

The 1977 classic returns to the big screen. PG (C,G)


All Saints

Based on the inspiring true story of salesman-turned-pastor Michael Spurlock (John Corbett), the tiny church he was ordered to shut down, and a group of refugees from Southeast Asia. Together, they risked everything to plant seeds for a future that might just save them all. PG-13 (C, G)

Annabelle: Creation 2 1/2

Several years after the tragic death of their little girl, a dollmaker and his wife welcome a nun and several girls from a shuttered orphanage into their home, soon becoming the target of the dollmaker’s possessed creation, Annabelle. R (G, C)

The Big Sick 1/2

Based on comedian Kumail Nanjiani’s life, a funny, touching comedy of a Pakistani American caught between his religious family and the American woman (Zoe Kazan) he loves. With Holly Hunter, Ray Romano. R (C, G)

Birth of the Dragon

No Review Available

Set against the backdrop of 1960s San Francisco, this film is a modern take on the classic movies that Bruce Lee was known for. It takes its inspiration from the epic and still controversial showdown between an up-and-coming Bruce Lee and kung fu master Wong Jack Man — a battle that gave birth to a legend. Stars Billy Magnussen, Yu Xia and Philip Ng. (C, G)

Cars 3 1/2

So-so Pixar outing has racer Lightning McQueen contending with younger rivals, helping another racer learn the ropes. Featuring the voices of Armie Hammer and Bonnie Hunt. Preceded by a top-notch animated short called “Lou.” G (C, G)

The Dark Tower

Based on Stephen King’s series of novels about a young boy and a frontiersman knight on an interdimensional quest. With Idris Elba, Matthew McConaughey, Tom Taylor, Claudia Kim, Jackie Earle Haley. Written by Akiva Goldsman and Jeff Pinkner and Anders Thomas Jensen and Nikolaj Arcel. Directed by Arcel. PG-13 (C, G)

Despicable Me 31/2

Gru meets his long-lost charming, cheerful, and more successful twin brother Dru who wants to team up with him for one last criminal heist. PG (C, G)


Allied soldiers from Belgium, the British Empire and France are surrounded by the German army and evacuated during a fierce battle in World War II. Directed by Christopher Nolan, stars Fionn Whitehead, Damien Bonnard, Aneurin Barnard PG-13 (C, G)

The Emoji Movie

In this animated film, Gene, a multi-expressional emoji, sets out on a journey to become a normal emoji. Voiced by T.J. Miller, James Corden, Anna Faris. PG (C, G)

Girls Trip

When four lifelong friends travel to New Orleans for the annual Essence Festival, sisterhoods are rekindled, wild sides are rediscovered, and there’s enough dancing, drinking, brawling, and romancing to make the Big Easy blush. Stars: Regina Hall, Queen Latifah, Jada Pinkett Smith R (C, G)

The Glass Castle

A young girl comes of age in a dysfunctional family of nonconformist nomads with a mother who’s an eccentric artist and an alcoholic father who would stir the children’s imagination with hope as a distraction to their poverty. Stars Brie Larson, Woody Harrelson, Naomi Watts. PG-13 (G)

The Hitman’s Bodyguard1/2

The world’s top bodyguard gets a new client, a hit man who must testify at the International Court of Justice. They must put their differences aside and work together to make it to the trial on time. Stars Ryan Reynolds, Samuel L. Jackson and Gary Oldman. R (C, G)


A mother (Halle Berry) stops at nothing to recover her kidnapped son. R (C, G)


In this animated feature, an orphan girl (voiced by Elle Fanning) dreams of becoming a ballerina and flees her rural Brittany for Paris, where she passes for someone else and accedes to the position of pupil at the Grand Opera house. PG (C, G)

Logan Lucky

Two brothers attempt to pull off a heist during a NASCAR race in North Carolina. Directed by Seteven Soderbergh and stars Channing Tatum, Adam Driver and Daniel Craig. PG-13 (C, G)

Nut Job 21/2

Following the events of the first animated film, Surly and his friends must stop Oakton City’s mayor from destroying their home to make way for a dysfunctional amusement park. PG (C, G)

Spider-Man: Homecoming

Peter Parker returns to his Aunt May’s home after his experience with the Avengers and begins to deal with his role as a superhero. The evil Vulture puts his powers to the test. PG-13 (G)

War for the Planet of the Apes

Caesar and his apes battle a human army led by a brutal colonel in this third film in the latest series inspired by Pierre Boulle’s 1963 novel. With Andy Serkis, Woody Harrelson, Steve Zahn, Amiah Miller, Terry Notary, Karin Konoval. Directed by Reeves. (2:20) PG-13 (C, G)

Wind River

No Review Available

An FBI agent teams with a town’s veteran game tracker to investigate a murder that occurred on a Native American reservation. Stars Jeremy Renner, Julia Jones and Kelsey Asbille. R (C, G)

Wonder Woman 1/2

Gal Gadot stars in the title role in this new big screen adaptation of the legendary comic book heroine. (C, G)