A kind word can make a lasting difference in someone’s life

It only takes a word. Maybe not even a word. It might take one little gesture and life suddenly has a shine. The world seems brighter.

I know when my grandkids put their arms around my neck and squeeze; life becomes fantastic. Not only family can leave impressions of joy.

It’s often the general public, people who pass us by in the daily craziness that make a huge difference. In fact this old article touched me was again, and I felt it needed to be passed on one more time.

I began wondering how many people touched my life with just a word or some very simple thing. I was talking to a friend in the parking lot after a Bible study about this subject, and she added an insight.

Kelli said one recent study encouraged a group to reach out and express a thank you to someone who had made an impression on them. Very simply all it’d take would be to write a note, make a call conveying what that person had done. She followed through.

Boy, it feels good to follow through. Even if it’s been years since a kindness was offered, it’s never too late this side of glory to say thank you.

I needed to say thank you to a person who spoke an encouraging word to me helping me to remember I was smack dab where God wanted. I was in way over my head, y’all. Just a young mama, I didn’t feel qualified to be leading a conference on lay speaking.

It was at that very vulnerable, unsure moment a gentleman, walked up to me and shared an encouraging word that caught in my heart till this day. God still brings to mind that one-liner confidence builder. When I come to a hard spot where I feel unsure, because someone took the time to say something so many years ago, I am reminded that when God has called me to do something, He will provide.

So, when I was sitting in the baseball bleachers several years ago, I saw the fellow who uttered those words. He happened to be one of our team member’s granddads. The kind smile was on his face and his cheerful manner hadn’t skipped a beat. I was so blessed to get to say thank-you.

That’ll preach. And it did as I went to church having begun this article on “it only takes a word.” My pastor did a whole sermon on what I am trying to quickly wrap up, but the important thing is as scripture puts it, “A person finds joy in giving an apt reply — and how good is a timely word.” Just such a simple thing, y’all.

I hope today finds you giving or receiving that word that carries its weight, a good weight throughout your day … maybe even from generation to generation. Word for today? God loves you and you do make a difference. Here’s talking to ya.

Kandi Farris, a freelance correspondent, also is a speaker on matters of faith and values.