This postcard made a pitch to snowbirds in the 1920s, extolling the warm Mississippi Coast

The Markham Hotel lured visitors from the north with this catchy little jingle.
The Markham Hotel lured visitors from the north with this catchy little jingle. Paul Jermyn Collection

This postcard was made as an advertisement for the Markham Hotel shortly after it opened on Jan. 31, 1927.

Aimed at people living in the northern part of the nation, the delightful message reads:

“Some may think that snow ‘n ice is very, very, very nice; It never pleases me at all — I like my ice in glasses tall.

“Let others freeze and slide and slip! Down here in sunny Mississipp’ we’ll golf and fish and rest and play,

Just rest and fish and golf all day. Why should you shovel coal ‘n snow; Just tell your wife ‘Pack up-Lets go’

“‘Down where it’s always warm as toast, On Mississippi’s Emerald Coast!’

“P. S. Don’t forget to bring your golf clubs along. There are six good courses for you to play on. And this is a mighty fine hotel to stop at while you are down here.

“Drop us a little line and let us tell you about our accommodations and rates.”

The message is signed by Louis Reinert, managing director of the Hotel Markham. The 180-room hotel stood on the southwest corner of 23rd Avenue and 14th Street. The opposite side of the card, postdated Dec. 22, 1927, had a space for an address and showed a small picture of the hotel. The Markham was built just in time for the 1929 stock market failure, and was like the other mid-to-late 1920s hotels on the Mississippi Coast that never reached their expected potential.

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