Life’s lessons learned from a leaky pipe

Rain, rain go away come back another day.

Don’t get me wrong, I love rainy days when things outside get a drink. The flowers perk up and the grass gets greener, but when mold starts setting in … enough is enough.

All this water has brought its own set of issues to our house. We had a soggy section that never seemed to dry and I became hesitant of even walking near that section. Too many times documentaries have assaulted my thinking with landslides and sink holes. My imagination began to run wild.

So, my Cooper decided to look into the wet matter. Was it a broken sprinkler head, was it a spring, was it who knows what? We just knew it was soaking.

Once the area was dug up we had to get a sump pump and start relieving the area of the wet stuff. Every 15 minutes someone, mainly Coop, was pumping water. The water was jetting out from under the house, and we were worried we were destined to own a houseboat.

A line to the sprinkler head had been cut but we weren’t sure if we had done it while digging up the ground to find the source or if it was the culprit. Once that was fixed we still had an issue. It was time to call in the experts.

After several attempts at a new French drain, we are back in business. The ground dried up, but once again the test has begun. Rain and more rain.

So far so good. Nothing is clogged up and all is being captured into the drain and it’s moving away from the house. Another test passed.

That’ll preach.

Scripture says it rains on the just and the unjust. As we stand faithful our strength is built on a strong foundation, but sometimes we’ve had some issues or circumstances that have put some cracks in our walls. Life is a test. Often, I don’t test well.

Oftentimes, it’s painful when down comes the rain and flooding enters into our lives. But we have hope, because our God is the repairer of the broken walls. He is our strong foundation, our anchor in the storm, and we are never left to face the rains alone.

Out came the sun and dried the water out. At least I’m waiting for that to be the song we are singing. Maybe by the time you read this we will be sitting high and dry, but until then be safe and keep singing…

Rain, rain go away. Where you been, my Sunshine?

Kandi Farris, a freelance correspondent, also is a speaker on matters of faith and values.