Start every day anew

Every year I used to begin with a list of “wish I coulds,” better known as resolutions. They were simply wishes, because I’d never followed them with true resolve.

One year I joined the gym. It was long ago when Gold’s Gym was in operation. I really tried because being fit does feel so much better. It all came to an abrupt end when I slid off the treadmill and hit the glass window.

Years later came the membership at another gym where I failed to listen to instructions. The trainer had said enter your speed here and enter your weight here. Well, in my state of eyeballing everyone around me instead of paying attention and add to that a tad bit of dyslexia; I entered my weight into the speed spot.

It was horrific. My life began speeding out of control. My feet were moving so fast they almost took flight. Sweat poured off my forehead and the people whose attention I was avoiding were now taking bets on the crazy woman’s fall from grace. To top it all off, I hadn’t even listened to the instructions about a kill switch and now my real-life kill switch had almost flipped.

Some kind human took pity and rushed over and pulled said switch. I crawled out and never looked back. Paid a couple of years for that little fiasco because I thought they would remember me if I went back to cancel my membership.

So, now unless I take the occasional walk or the very infrequent yoga lesson the chaise lounge has become my exercise mat. I now know why little ol’ ladies tend to have matted hair on the back of their head. I’ve flipped the chaise cushion hoping to remove evidence of my inactivity. When that didn’t work I just added more stuffing to the indention.

Cooper, trying to motivate me, got me another watch to record my movements. I’ve decided it’s broken. The other one just a couple of years ago registered 10,000 steps every day. This one hasn’t seen anything near those numbers yet. It’s got to be a dud.

Having said all that, I work hard, but apparently I rest hard. So, instead of resolutions I am a one-word woman. My word for this year is “intentional.” I am going to be intentional about life. Living fully in this day. I will not let my past failures and mess-ups stop my today.

That’ll preach. No matter what your yesterdays look like or how many, many times there has been a glitch, a mess up or an all-out failure … today can truly be different.

God’s compassion is new every morning. No need to sit on the couch and mope or turn to something that’s just going to make things worse.

Be intentional about knowing God’s forgiveness. Be intentional about choosing joy. Be intentional about being kind. Be intentional about shaking off the dust and getting busy.

It’s a new day. My hair is combed and I’m intentionally moving, y’all. Come on!

Kandi Farris, a freelance correspondent, also is a speaker on matters of faith and values.