A stately home by the sea

Julia Mallard and her children Louise and Albert enjoy comforts of the veranda of their Bay St. Louis home.
Julia Mallard and her children Louise and Albert enjoy comforts of the veranda of their Bay St. Louis home. Postcard courtesy of Paul Jermyn

This Oct. 2, 1910 postcard shows the front veranda of the home of George Mallard (1855-1926) in Bay St. Louis.

Seated are Julia Mallard (1875-1947) and daughter Louise (1900-1975). Sitting on the floor is the Mallards’ youngest son, Albert (1902-?).

It was Julia Mallard herself who sent this postcard addressed to “Madame de Plument” in Paris, France. It would be nice to share the lengthily message on the postmark side of the card, but it is written entirely in French.

The message on the front side of the card loosely translates as, “Our veranda facing the sea.”

The card was sent shortly after the Mallard family returned from a year’s sojourn in Paris.

New Orleans-born George Mallard (French pronunciation Ma-lord) owned the Mallard Grocery Co. in New Orleans. He married Julia Rousseau in 1893. The Mallards’ other two sons were George Jr. (c1895-?) and Prudent (c1896-1918).

The Mallards moved from New Orleans to Bay St. Louis in 1908 and then to Biloxi about 1914. George and Julia quickly became involved in Biloxi civic activities and into the local world of theater and the arts.

Julia, an accomplished pianist and singer, served at different times as the president of the Biloxi Music Club and was a charter member of the Mississippi Coast Art Association. The Daily Herald newspaper reported her many performances, many given at charitable events.

There is not enough space here to tell of Julia Mallard’s ventures and good works. Louise Mallard studied art in New Orleans and some can still remember her activities in the Biloxi art community and her involvement in the Gulf Coast Carnival Association. George Mallard and his family are interred in the family plot at the Metairie Cemetery.

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