Paola Bugli has a hand in every dish served at Beau Rivage’s Stalla

Chef Paola Bugli is a native of Florence, Italy, and worked for 20 years as a chef in that country before coming to the United States.

She is room chef (that’s casino terminology for head chef of a restaurantat) the Beau Rivage’s Stalla.

Many people consider the food she and her team puts out to be some of the best Italian food to be found.

Stalla offers a great variety of classic Italian dishes, from mussels in wine sauce to osso buco.

Also look for great pizzas, and a great selection of small plates, or appetizers, just in case you want to make it a multiple course meal or you are on a tight budget.

Bugli’s hand can be seen in every dish, ensuring authentic food and beautiful plating’s. The next time you are in the mood for great Italian food, stop by and see Bugli.