Don’t be in such a hurry

Moved to write again about being driven. I was in third grade when I realized that I was driven to talk, visit and be on the move.

I discovered this tidbit after receiving a memorable report card. Prior to that particular report card, I had merrily, and I might add, proudly skipped into the house to show off a report card filled with A’s. Not this time. Mrs. Means, really her name, had detected an issue with my social life. It was interfering with her classroom.

I was the proverbial social butterfly, flitting from friend to friend, never able to sit still. Learning was fun, but talking about “everything” was the most fun. Hence, I received my first “C.” It was in deportment. Oh my! That word sounded like I was fixing to be deported or something.

Since, that time I’ve been aware of my proclivity, my bent toward always being on the go. It’s hard for me to hush, to slow down or to really rest. I believe “they” have names for such tendencies … ADD or Type “A” personality to name a couple.

Age is slowing me down some, everything except my motor mouth. I’ve even been trying to work on that as well. Hopefully God takes what can be a weakness and if we let Him get a hold of it, a strength can be born. I try to give Him my mouth every day. “Set a watch by my lips, Lord. Let my words build and encourage. Make my words tender cause I may have to chew on them later.”

It’s odd how the Lord will show me a thing or two about rushing into talking, rushing through life, always hurrying up and not taking time to smell those roses or just plain getting ahead of God. This one was a good one, y’all.

One morning I was running a bit late. A Type “A” personality does not like to be late. I was working on not upsetting any police officers with my driving. When I got down to the highway and turned toward my destination, a fellow in a pickup truck was flying and zigging and zagging through the traffic. Now, back when this happened I had a V-8 that guzzles gas and could move with some speed. This fellow had one, too. He was testing it out for excessive speed.

I continued to make my way on down the road while eyeballing the tail lights of this fellow. I prayed in his mad dash that he wouldn’t put someone else through their dash. Funny thing is y’all. The light turned red. As I moseyed on up to the light, I noticed we’d both made it there to sit the light out together. Funny, isn’t it, with all his hurrying and rushing he got to join me at the red light? That’ll preach.

I’m learning that it’s not how fast you go, or how fast you run your mouth that counts. It’s the substance of the day. Rushing to get ahead of God, planning and moving like a wild person worrying about stuff and trying to do it your way isn’t going to do you much good. You’ll get to the end just the same without all that.

Give your day to the Lord. Everything is beautiful in His time. In Him we live and move and have our being. You’ll likely get an “A” for it…at the very least an Amen.

Kandi Farris, a freelance correspondent, also is a speaker on matters of faith and values.