Roll up the windows and keep those critters out

We went up north recently and once again we got to witness some crazy stuff.

Coop was standing at a ballfield fence watching a game when he felt something brush against his leg. He shook it off and then boom — it happened again. It was a huge wild turkey.

The towns and the neighborhoods were going to the birds. I had the window rolled down when one of these crazy birds ran toward the car when we were at a stop sign. These are the new guys in town. It’s an occupation of the birds and the skunks.

I’ve written about those striped little skunk devils. They are running all over the Northeast. My native friend, Lyn, told me skunks are taking over in Massachusetts. If you like silky furry things, these pretty creatures look cuddly and oddly innocent.

They may look cute, but I sure don’t want to snuggle up to one or come up on one in the dark. According to my research they make some crazy sounds.

“Skunks can screech like a pig and whine when mad, chirp like a bird, whimper like a dog when sad or frightened, grumble and grunt when upset, and they even lip-smack when contented.”

That’s plain eerie, y’all.

So you can understand when my friend Jo and I were waiting in the dead of night for our husbands after a baseball game we got more than antsy when one of these little suckers started heading for us. We panicked. It was hilarious. We were actually in the car with the windows down. All we had to do was roll the windows up.

Jo got so discombobulated she opened the door instead of closing the window. It was as if to say, “Come in.”

We started jumping all over the car trying to find the button to get the window up and to shut the door. I was sure we were going to be smellin’ really nice.

We lost sight of the skunk and in our minds we knew he’d crawled up in the car somehow. Our imagination ran wild. It wasn’t till the boys came out that we felt safe.

All this commotion and frenzy caused by a stinkin’ little skunk. I’m telling you it’s often times the itsy bitsy things that throw us more than anything else.

We will let one little thing stink up our day. It always amazes me how easily I can be caught in that snare of getting upset by the tiniest stuff. When something major happens I can handle it better.

That’ll preach. Small foxes spoil the vine. We can get so chaotic in our thinking we roll down the window and let the stinkin’ skunk in our minds, and we let birds ruffle our feathers. We let them dominate our day.

Knowing that, we can have a defense, “for the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty in God for pulling down strongholds….bringing every thought into captivity to the obedience of Christ Jesus.”

Stay vigilant, though.

When you’ve got one thing under control, there will be a new guy in town doing the turkey trot.

So continue to roll up that window of your mind, y’all.

Block those nagging issues big or small and let God handle the stinkers and the turkeys.

Kandi Farris, a freelance correspondent, also is a speaker on matters of faith and values.