September is the time for seniors to plant a fall garden

September is the last month to get your fall vegetables planted.
September is the last month to get your fall vegetables planted. TNS

With the official beginning of fall about a week away, there will likely be cooler temperatures in the near future for South Mississippi.

Although starting a garden in mid-September may seem a daunting task for many, for seniors it can provide a much-needed hobby that promotes both creativity and physical activity.

Fall is the perfect time to plant green vegetables and root vegetables.

According to, it is better to start a fall garden from seeds in flats than to plant them directly in the ground. Transfer the plants to the garden when they start to show a couple of small leaves.

With the first frost of the year nowhere in sight, plant your root vegetables such as radishes, carrots and turnips as soon as possible.

Radishes will be the first to mature as it takes only about a month for them to reach maturity. It takes turnips about 50 days and carrots about 80 days. Beets take about two months.

Now is also the time to get your leafy green vegetables planted.

Greens of the collard and mustard variety take about 40 days to reach full maturity. Spinach will be ready in about 45 days, as will arugula and lettuce.

Garlic and onions can also be planted in early fall. The maturity period for both of the vegetables is about 120 days, meaning they should be ready to harvest in early spring.

Now that you’ve decided what you are going to plant, how often should you water your fall crop? Experts recommend watering a fall garden at least once a day, as most fall vegetables need a large supply of water in order to reach full maturity.

It is also recommended to place mulch in between plants to prevent weeds from growing in your beds.