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New food truck in Ocean Springs is perfect for families and cheese lovers

A year ago, a good food truck would have been hard to find on the Coast, but now there are at least 14 and their numbers are steadily growing.

In July, I told you about Twisted Magnolia, a unique food truck that I felt sure (and still do) was bound for success. Now I can add another to that list: Downtown Meltdown, Gourmet Grilled Cheese and Melts.

This genre may be a new experience for many locals, but there are thousands of food trucks all over the United States, and they have created a food niche that is fast becoming one of America’s favorites.

This is not about a sit-down dining experience, you are not going to find white tablecloths or a wine list, but when you are in a hurry and just can’t go to another drive-up window, this is where you should be heading.

Downtown Meltdown is in a parking lot with three other food trucks (more to come soon on them). If you read my story on the new Jamaican place in Ocean Springs, CB’s Jamaican Jerk, then you already know I love simplicity in a menu. Just like CB’s, Downtown Meltdown only has four items on the menu, and as you might expect, they are all related to America’s most favorite comfort food sandwich — the grilled cheese.

Four sandwiches: The Downtown Meltdown, Cheez Crazy, Frans Philly Cheese, and Pepper Jacked Melt, are all various combinations of ham, turkey, roast beef, steak and lots and lots of cheese. All are quickly grilled on a flattop grill, whisked out the window to you in just minutes, and the most expensive sandwich is just $8.95.

Sides you say? You want a side? OK, tater tots. That’s it. Plain and simple.

What about a drink? Water and Yahoo. I’d call that one heck of a deal for a late-night snack, or a walk-around munchy for Ocean Springs’ amazing foot traffic scene.

I think you get my drift, right? Parking is usually pretty easy in this part of town. Order at the window, grab a seat and chill out for the few minutes it will take to get your order ready. This is simple, good food. I have tried half the menu and was well-satisfied with every bite. I am a bit of a sucker for tater tots, so that is a no-brainer for me.

But wait, I have an update! I drove by again and they now have ketchup on the little table outside and, I can’t wait to tell you, they now have a kids regular grilled cheese sandwich! Now the whole family can be happy.

OK, I was hamming it up a bit there. This place is brand new, and you can expect lots of changes over the first few months as they get things figured out.

But the point is, it is a good, solid place for a quick bite when you are in a hurry or just walking the lazy streets of Ocean Springs.

Downtown Meltdown, Gourmet Grilled Cheese and Melts

Where: 1316 Government St., Ocean Springs

Hours: 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Sunday-Thursday; 10 a.m. to midnight Friday-Saturday