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Everyone benefits by ending our criminal approach to drug use

Opioid Overdoes. Drug Addictions. Lives Torn Apart. Those are the headlines today. These are terrible problems in our society and I think they have been caused in part because we don’t treat drug use and drug addiction as public health crises. Whenever we hear the word “drug,” our first response is, “let’s get law enforcement on this.” Instead, I think we should be calling public health officials.

Letters to the Editor

Biloxi, do something to stop speeders

While I am not a full-time resident of Biloxi, I own a home on east Howard Avenue and pay taxes accordingly. However, I am unable to vote. On three occasions I have expressed my concern about the excessive speed of cars traveling on Howard Avenue. There is no stop sign from Main to Oak in both directions.

How America has changed: 225 years of statistics

In 1840, males outnumbered females 8.68 million to 8.38 million in the United States. By 1950, there were more females than males for the first time in U.S. history, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. See other statistics showing how America has
McClatchy Credit: U.S. Census Bureau