Patrick Magee

Donnie Tyndall's next career step: WRESTLING ... yes, wrestling

After laying the boom on Southern Miss basketball, Donnie Tyndall is taking his skills to a sport more appropriate for fake grins and flying elbows.

We all wondered where Tyndall's career would take him next after his March firing at Tennessee as the men's basketball coach.

The former Southern Miss coach told a New Orleans radio station recently that he was looking into radio or television as a possible next step. He also hinted there's a shot he could land in the NBA Developmental League.

It turns out Tyndall's unsurprisingly having a hard time getting a real job thanks to the NCAA investigation of USM basketball due to his conduct there as head coach from 2012-14.

However, Tyndall will get a chance to return to his role as a coach this Saturday in the Knoxville, Tenn., area. It just won't involve the round ball. 

Global Force Wrestling announced Wednesday that Tyndall will be “coaching” the Heavenly Bodies during a tag team match at Smokies Park, home of the Double-A Tennessee Smokies, in Kodak, Tenn.

I think the former hoops coach should take on the moniker of “Baby Face” Tyndall. 

He's already got the look with those pudgy cheeks.

According to the two definitions provided by, the nickname “Baby Face” couldn't be more spot on:

1. a usually rounded face that gives the impression of extreme youth and innocence

2. professional wrestling :  a wrestler who performs the role of the sympathetic protagonist in a staged wrestling match <The Wrestling world is divided into “baby faces ” (good guys) and “heels” (bad guys). Mankind was conceived as a heel, but he has evolved into a baby face . — David Remnick, New Yorker, 20 Dec. 1999> <Though they feign enmity in the ring, heels and baby faces encourage each other through their drills. — Philip Morgan, Tampa Tribune, 23 Aug. 2008> — compare heel 8b

With this news, the whole Tyndall saga has taken on a whole new level of absurdity.

I'm guessing that USM athletic director Bill McGillis isn't laughing.