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Brett Favre: 'I think I could' still play in the NFL

NFL and Southern Miss legend Brett Favre graces the cover of Sports Illustrated this week as part of its “Where Are They Now?” edition.

In a condensed version of the interview at, Favre is asked whether he believes he could still play quarterback in the NFL.

“Yeah, I think I could.” Favre told the magazine. “As far as throwing, we're not trying to start 'He's coming out of retirement.' I say all that because it's a good thing. Do I think I could play and lead a team? Look, no. But I could play. I could make all the throws I made before. I just couldn't throw it near as far. That never matters anyway.”

Favre is 45 years old and still lives in rural Lamar County outside Hattiesburg. 

During the interview, Favre appears at ease with his life after his career ended following the 2010 season with the Minnesota Vikings.

Favre wears his Green Bay Packers No. 4 jersey on the cover, the first time he's done that since his controversial exit from the team in 2008.

"It was so big on me,” Favre said. “It felt like a nightgown. That’s not my world anymore."

Favre is no longer the offensive coordinator at Oak Grove High School in Hattiesburg, but he continues to pitch in as an occasional volunteer assistant at the school his children attended.

The former Hancock North Central star admits that he tests his arm from time to time during practice with the high school players.

“I'll throw with them,” Favre said. “We'll work on different stuff. When I pick up the ball, I'm thinking I'm right back in the Super Bowl. I can throw it 50 yards as well anyone, but that used to be 80. In my mind, I'm still at 80. I'm like 'All right, get back a little further.' I'll throw it 52 and he's standing at 55. I'm like, 'Brett, just give it up. Your window is closing. Be good at 30 and be happy with that. You're not going to be good at 80 anymore.'”

Favre still holds the NFL record for career passing yardage at 71,838 with Peyton Manning trailing close behind at 69,691.