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Donnie Tyndall enters the wrestling ring, and we're all winners

Many of you probably know by now that former Southern Miss and Tennessee basketball coach Donnie Tyndall was set to serve as a “coach” during a tag team wrestling match in Kodak, Tenn., Saturday night.

If you want to catch up on the details on the original announcement, feel free to browse my blog from earlier this week: CLICK HERE TO READ IT.

Tyndall was fired in March at Tennessee after the NCAA informed the school of alleged rules violations made during Tyndall's two-year tenure as head coach at USM from 2012-14.

The NCAA has yet to reveal the full scope of the violations at USM or what penalties might follow, but the situation was serious enough that USM athletic director Bill McGillis decided to self impose a postseason ban for the 2014-15 campaign. The investigation also led Tennessee to boot Tyndall after one 16-16 season.

First-year Southern Miss basketball coach Doc Sadler did about as well as you can manage considering the circumstances, but the 2014-15 season was a hot mess that included one game that ended with just four USM players on the court. The Golden Eagles ended up 9-20.

Unfortunately, the NCAA tends to drag these things out so everybody has to wait until the hammer drops, including Tyndall.

Tyndall is in limbo at the moment, hoping that he somehow gets a shot to return to the coaching profession or maybe enter radio or TV.

In my blog earlier this week, I pointed out the absurdity of the whole deal and wasn't terribly kind in my depiction of Tyndall's current situation.

I can tell you for a fact that he was less than pleased. 

The obviously annoyed Tyndall took to Twitter to throw a little shade in my direction.

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I got a good laugh out of the Tweet. I don't care to get into some awkward back-and-forth with Tyndall, but I felt it was worth a light-hearted response.

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Along with Tyndall's Tweet, several Tennessee fans felt the need to back up the coach's taunt. In this group was apparently the ghost of Dale Earnhardt Sr.:

Tyndall followed through with his plans to be ringside for the tag team wrestling match featuring his team, the New Heavenly Bodies, against the Bullet Club at Smokies Park, home of the Double-A Tennessee Smokies.

Unfortunately, Global Force Wrestling did not broadcast the entire event on its Periscope account. It did show a portion where it was announced who was on the card for the night.

As the announcer rolled through some of the names, he said “Coach is going to be here tonight, coach Tyndall.” There was a brief awkward pause and loud boos followed.

That tells me Tyndall is a natural for the wrestling profession. If he's catching heat that quickly, who knows what his future could be in the sport?

This was supposed to be a one time event for Tyndall.

While the only ones fortunate enough to see Tyndall step in the ring were actually at Smokies Park Saturday night, there were some tweets and photos that made their way out:

Donnie switched teams mid-bout and moved over to the Bullet Club.

According to Adam Green of the Knoxville News-Sentinel

, Tyndall switched sides because the New Heavenly Bodies broke the rules.

And there we have it, a triumphant Tyndall with his new buds in the Bullet Club. 

This is all very poetic.