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Eyeing Southern Miss logo options: Which is your favorite?

Southern Miss unveiled Wednesday its two options to choose from as it replaces its current logo.

The two logos are not that drastically different than the current eagle head logo.

One is described as “The Traditional Eye” with an eye that more closely resembles that of the current logo that was created in 2003.

The other logo is termed “The Dynamic Eye” with a different gold look for the e

USM fans can go to to give input on which of the logos they prefer. USM administration will take the fans’ opinions into account when it makes the final choice.

A three-judge panel with the United States Patent and Trademark Office ruled by a 2-1 decision in 2011 that there would be “the likelihood of confusion” between USM’s logo and Iowa’s Tiger Hawk logo.

RARE Design in Hattiesburg, which first created the eagle head logo, provided the new logo options.

Southern Miss athletic director Bill McGillis worked with Iowa in developing the new logo options to make sure there would be no conflict.

USM alum Rodney Richardson of RARE Design designed the original logo and again had a large role in creating the new one.

“This new logo is a more powerful, sleek, and aggressive eagle that maintains the strength and character of its predecessor,” Richardson said in a press release. “It’s in flight. Moving. Attacking! Just like Southern Miss.”

After USM is done taking input on the two logos, it will work with Rare Design and the Licensing Resource Group to select and finalize the logo.

An outside law firm will help the university go through a full vetting and registration process for the new logo. It will probably last six-to-12 months.