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Ole Miss AD Bjork wants to open up a can on a fan

Twitter is full of trolls, haters, amateur comedians … you can go on and on about the different types of people you encounter on social media.

It's not unusual for prominent figures to get a good deal of grief on social media and Ole Miss athletic director Ross Bjork is no different.

On Tuesday, Bjork decided to have a little fun with a Mississippi State fan that operated on Twitter under the name @Therealbrutius. 

The Twitter user harassed Bjork on several occasions, trying to bait the athletic director into a Twitter feud.

It all originated with a Bjork tweet after the 10-7 loss at LSU when he asked to meet another Twitter member following a slight against the athletic director and his program:

On Tuesday, Bjork decided go ahead and answer @Therealbrutius, who had been determined to get a response.


Bjork decided to answer the challenge with this Tweet:

Bjork is considered one of the top young athletic directors in the country and he's not afraid to interact with fans in a variety of ways.

He's willing to market his own program even if it means going at it with those who love to harass people in power.

Both parties put the minor spat behind them Tuesday night.


— Ross Bjork (@RossBjorkAD) November 5, 2014