Keeping Score

Bible Belt owns the AP Top 5

Football has always big in the South and Sunday's AP Top 25 reaffirmed that notion.

The top five teams in the nation are:

1. Mississippi State

2. Florida State

3. Ole Miss

4. Alabama

5. Auburn

The trip from Tallahassee to Oxford is 482 miles and all of these schools are generally located on the route between those two towns. You might have to stray a few miles off the preferred path, but it's amazing how close all five schools are located to each other.

The SEC put four teams in the AP top five Sunday, the first conference to ever do that, and all four teams are from the stacked SEC West.

The only non-SEC school in the AP top five is Florida State, a school located in the SEC foot print and the one program outside of the conference that most closely follows the SEC path to success.

You could take a long Sunday trip from Tallahassee to Oxford and make a stop in Auburn, Tuscaloosa and Starkville on the way.

While schools like Alabama, Auburn and Florida State are no strangers to success, we are indeed living in rare times.

The college football world is currently being dominated by about a 500-mile stretch in the Southeast.