Keeping Score

Larry Fedora took his shirt off ... and it became a story

Southern Miss fans have known for a while now that Larry Fedora is jacked. Now the rest of the world is fully aware.

A shirtless photo of the North Carolina head coach and his daughter made the rounds on social media and eventually made its way to SportsCenter.

Fedora typically spent his lunch break in the USM weight room along with his players and it's clear that hasn't changed at UNC. 

Fedora, the victim of crushes from countless female USM fans, will only attract more attention after this most recent photo shows that the 51-year-old still might be in better shape than some of his players.

I remember well an afternoon at the Hattiesburg American when Fedora came in well-dressed for an editorial board meeting. You would've thought Brad Pitt circa 1992 had just entered the building with the way some of the women (not in the newsroom) behaved.

Fedora was the head coach at USM from 2008-11 and is entering his third year at UNC. 

It's hard to believe the man is in his 50's ... 

How many times do you think Fedora has done that same pose for the mirror?