Keeping Score

Tennessee makes more sense for USM's Tyndall than other openings

Southern Miss basketball coach Donnie Tyndall being linked to the Tennessee job opening should come as no surprise to USM fans, and I find it hard to believe that he wouldn't listen if the Volunteers came calling.

Many of the programs with vacancies this year have been a poor fit for Tyndall, but Tennessee is a job that makes more sense for the former Morehead State coach.

Tyndall has been upfront in discussing his intentions to stay for some time at USM and he has built a close relationship with new athletic director Bill McGillis. I have no reason not to buy what Tyndall is telling media and fans, but Tennessee meets a lot of the criteria that could make it an attractive next move for a coach beloved by the USM faithful.

The Knoxville, Tenn., school falls smack dab in the middle of Tyndall's traditional recruiting area. While his staff has sought out more talent in Florida recently, Tyndall has close ties to the Knoxville area and the region surrounding the school through his days at Morehead State.

Tennessee has a good basketball tradition and you have the potential to compete for a national title there. There is a large (and sometimes unrealistic) fanbase for Tennessee basketball.

Tennessee also has the resources to make an attractive offer to Tyndall or whoever else it pursues. He currently makes $500,000 a year at USM and Tennessee could easily triple that.

That being said, there's no way to tell if Tyndall is even in the top three or four targets for Tennessee.

I don't expect Tennessee to sit on its hands for very long so this should all move quickly. We'll find out soon if Tyndall becomes a top target for the Volunteers.