Keeping Score

USM's Craig deserves a good nickname

Southern Miss athletes have had some quality nicknames over the years, and senior basketball player Michael Craig deserves a good one of his own.

I've held social media discussions in the past to come up with nicknames for USM players. My favorite is probably the one that resulted in Tyler "Genghis" Conn, a former star relief pitcher for the Golden Eagles.

Former USM defensive end Jamie Collins, now with the New England Patriots, came to be known as "The Freak" and teammates bestowed the nickname of "The Runaway Beer Truck" upon former USM offensive lineman Ed Preston.

The powerfully built Craig has found his way onto Sportscenter's Top 10 three times this season with some pretty impressive dunks. Each of the dunks have usually included some poor defender being thrown the floor as he slams it home.

He's 6-foot-5, 230 pounds and looks like he could be playing defensive end for the Southern Miss football team.

I'd like to hear some of your nickname suggestions for Craig.

My ideas won't likely match some of the ones you might come up with, but how about "The Flying Fridge" or "Poster Child"?

Keep the ideas coming.

You can shoot ideas to me on Twitter @Patrick_Magee or email them to