Pass Christian youth sailor finishes second at Knost Regatta

Bree Ocker, Pass Christian High Sailor
Bree Ocker, Pass Christian High Sailor Submitted

Pass Christian High sailor Bree Ocker finished second in the PHRF Class of the 79th Knost Regatta last week at Pass Christian Yacht Club.

Ocker, 16, overcame windy and rainy conditions to claim the runner-up spot in the two-day event, which was won by the Southern Yacht Club.

“It was a wonderful experience, and the crew couldn’t have performed better,” Ocker said. “They made me look really good.”

The Pass Christian High School Sailing Club, one of several Coast prep sailing teams, is sponsored by the Pass Christian Community Sailing Foundation.

Fish kills possible after tropical-like storm

Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks fisheries biologists in southwest Mississippi anticipate potential fish kill reports from the recent tropical-like system that caused extensive flooding in the region.

“The combination of heavy rains, organic debris washing into ponds, and extended cloudy weather may result in oxygen depletions,” MDWFP Fisheries Biologist Jerry Brown said in a statement. “Low dissolved oxygen levels in ponds are common during August and September when heavy rains rapidly cool warm surface water allowing it to mix with cold, low oxygen bottom water.

“A heavy influx of debris, such as leaves and pine straw, washing into ponds can result in low oxygen as the organic material is broken down. Periods of extended cloudy weather can cause phytoplankton blooms to crash suddenly due to the lack of sunlight.”

Fish kills that occur on public waters should be reported to the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality: 601-961-5171. Private lake and pond owners can report fish kills to the MDWFP Fisheries Bureau, 601-432-2200.

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